Record label
M_Rec Ltd Grey Series
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 2nd 2013


B1Too far gong6:00
B2Drug company6:13

'As long as I stared at the clock, at least the world remained in motion. Not a very consequential world, but in motion nonetheless. And as long as I knew the world was still in motion, I knew I existed. Not a very consequential existence, but an existence nonetheless. It struck me as wanting that someone should confirm his own existence only by the hands of an electric wall clock. There had to be a more cognitive means of confirmation. But try as I might, nothing less facile came to mind.' Subtlety and class are what ultimately set apart certain techno releases from the multitude of records coming out each week. With this new four track EP on M_REC Ltd. Grey Series, Echologist (aka Brendon Moeller) skillfully incorporates a wide range of ideas, delivering an affective and fascinating piece of unconventional far out techno. 'Impossibility', the opening track, stands at the crossroad of dub techno and so-called mutant house, with its mean bass drum carrying a smooth analog melody through a field filled with sharp and trippy sounds, in a journey that is dark and sexy at the same time. 'Geographica' is more experimental, with its proggy and psychedelic sounds laid on a set of mutating beats traveling through rawness and distortion. Stuff that can only come out of real machines. On the flip side, 'Too Far Gong' is an oppressive and haunting track: dark spaced out electro. The closing track, 'Drug Company' remains on the same trajectory, but pusher things farther on an heavier dubby drumscape, taking advantage of the brain-liquifying properties of piercing sounds. Meant to belong in every dark and uncompromising set.