The Mace Of Violence

Nacho Patrol

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 16th 2009


A1Color Sound
A2Chase On The Highway
A3Sword Of Lambda
B1Puzzles Of The Golem
B2Corruptness Of Society

This obscure lost soundtrack for an even more obscure (and also lost and never finished) Italia violenta cop movie was recently discovered when I bought the dusty reel tapes from a restaurant owner in Fiumicino, a seaside town near Rome. Panter 777 aka Il Labirinto di Roma Violenta aka The Maze of Violence, he told me, was directed by Gervasio Giardano in 1981 and was considered too (politically) explicit by the movie production company who dropped the project after the first screening. The soundtrack, an explosion of wahwah funk riffs and juicy analog synthesizers, was composed by an obscure band called Nacho Patrol. The restaurant owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, was one of the band members and composed most of the tracks.