Mono County EP


Record label
Moonshine Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 22nd 2016


A1Rumors Of Warfeat. David OneAway  Violinbwoy
A2Dub of WarViolinbwoy
B1More SongsViolinbwoy feat. Dan I Locks
B2More DubViolinbwoy
C1Hold Unto JahViolinbwoy feat. Dan I
C2Hold Unto DubViolinbwoy
D1Mammoth LakesViolinbwoy
D2Mammoth DubViolinbwoy

Moonshine Recordings' elementary release of 2016 brings Polish Violinbwoy praises to wax treatment. The gifted musician and now commonly established dub merchant continues to share musical teachings by delivering joyous dub treasures. His Mono County discharge is shaped into a 2x12" vinyl release, which vibes along with appearances from David OneAway, Dan I Locks & Dan I - and all meet their dub version enlightenment. 'Rumors of War' is a blazing stepper that holds the righteous wisdom of David OneAway, who tints the jam red, yellow and green. The anthemic status of this production arises through combining melodious loops, hypnotic delays and the one and only devoted dub menttality. Make way for Violinbwoy's peace plan... The joyous sensation brought to you by Dan I Locks and Violinbwoy with 'More Songs', is one hefty experience. A ruling trumpet, precise percussive treatment and juicy reggae chords cultivate the feeling of freedom. This crucial sound is a total blessing for the family tree of Moonshine Recordings and its followers. 'Hold Unto' is a slower jam that solely focuses on delivering low-subbed b-lines, verbalizing Jah principles and praising emperor Haile Selassie I. Violinbwoy's devotedness to the sound is, without any doubt, very inspirational and contagious. This project with Dan I needs to be felt on a proper sound system - give thanks! The mighty violin returns to the mix of 'Mammoth Lake', dwelling through a chamber of mesmerizing frequencies. It leads a force to be reckoned with, one that is simply undefeatable. This crafted solo-production is a true work of art we're proud of housing on top of our solid, rooted collection of Moonshine records. 'MS023' shines a vast light on the Polish Violinbwoy, who is more than a familiar emerger on our Moonshine Recordings imprint. He illuminates our music records in ways that strengthens the message we want to put across. After the previous Rooftop Steppers EP coming from Digid & Squarewave, this EP encapsulates our friend's futuristic vision on dub music. Together we're ready for the future...