Ocular Unity


Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 19th 2019


A1Ocular Design4:25
A2Cycle Of Life5:18
B2End Life5:26

Innershades presents a heavy and vibrant trip through electro, techno and acid on Ocular Unity, the 12th release on Berlin's Mechatronica. Following up on his "Aalst To Charlois" rave weapon released on the label last year, the Belgian producer continues to push his signature sound in new directions, maintaining harmony and once again underlining his undeniable strength in producing hypnotizing electronic music for the floor. From the A-side's fast paced force in "Ocular Design" and "Cycle of Life", to the introspective journey "Zuiderpark" and all-powerful slow drive of "End Life", Innershades comes full circle on Ocular Unity and adds another stellar record to his already impressive discography.