Body Realism [hand-stamped / ltd. edition]


Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 31st 2019


A1Shamanic Tendencies8:59
A2The Return of the Maiordomus5:30
B1Yolavi Bahar6:14
B2Upper Norfair6:15
B3Knowing the Mechanoid6:50

Berlin-based Mechatronica founder Daribone presents a potent blend of EBM, new beat and electro on "Body Realism", the fourth record in the label's White series of limited edition, hand stamped vinyl-only releases. A wild ride into the Chilean producer's vivid take on reality, spirituality and fantasy, the EP moves from slow-burning mantras and religious mania on "Shamanic Tendencies" and "Yolavi Bahar" through the hazardous alien landscapes of "Upper Norfair" and a final encounter with the Mechanoid beings, gatekeepers between our consciousness and the universe.