Davai Davai EP


Record label
Catalog Number
MUPA 009
Release Date
December 15th 2008


B1Davairemix Damián Schwartz

Kasper, the man behind the Esperanza label, is an old friend of the NET28 crew: he has been around for the last few years, and finally here it comes his first release for Mupa. Davai Davai EP is a superb house record, in which the old-school flavour of the two original tracks combines perfectly with Damian Schwartzs remix, where his very own style plays the big game. Kaspers most important background comes from post punk, rock, jazz, rap and ofcourse electronic labels such as studio 1, basic channel, profan, chain reaction, mosaic, schatrax, perlon, planet E... Together with Papol he founded Esperanza, and later on collaborated with M_nus with a remix of the minimal anthem RUOK? from newyorker Ambivalent and after that with a track for the VVAA of Items and things 02 (label owned by Troy Pierce, Magda and Marc Houle). More to come!