Late Night Soundtrack Vol.1


Record label
Must Make
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 31st 2019


A1Don't Tell
B2Setting Traps

The new solo project from Jack Stevens AKA one half of SpectraSoul. Under the guise of Workforce, Jack presents 'Late Night Soundtrack Vol. 1' on his new label, Must Make Music. "Last year I had a chance to work on some music on my own for a bit. I bought some new synths, learnt some new techniques and had some fun writing some new music. This is the first of three EP's that I plan to release in 2019 under my solo Workforce alias, and the banner of 'Late Night Soundtrack' - a title which hints at the loose concept behind the music; drum & bass for dark rooms, big sound systems, and late nights. I just wanted to challenge myself again, not knowing if I could do it. I wanted to back myself and see where the road might lead."