Diversity EP


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August 26th 2013



With integrity and passion at the core of M_Rec Ltd's mission, it's not surprising to see the relationship between the label and uncompromising techno veterans Dimi Angelis & Jeroen Search continue. After releasing 12inches by Jeroen Search and Counterpart, M_Rec Ltd. welcomes back the dutch duo with a release under their A&S alias. Through the vinyl-only A&S series, the two producers have continued to deliver a consistent number of solid dance floor oriented tracks, supported by an infinite number of artists. 'Species' embraces the forwardness of classic Detroit techno infusing it with hypnotic subtlety. The loop interplay that entertains the track showcases class and knowledge with an admirable attention to details. In a time when harsher and distorted sounds become more of the norm, a crafty and stylish techno track like this is one can only remind us how special classic techno can be. 'Genetic' starts minimally with a soulful groove-driven beat, but then slowly grows sharper, gelid and absorbing with its loops somehow dramatic and spellbinding. 'Nucleotide' has an harder bass drum, a groovier techno tool with a melody loop at its center that incorporates classic Detroit elements to transform into a big room techno gem.