Spin Cycle EP

Second Storey

Record label
Nervous Horizon
Catalog Number
Release Date
December 16th 2016


A1Spin Cycle
B1Sludge 3D

Burgeoning club label Nervous Horizon follow up label boss TSVI's recent 'Sacred Drums' EP with a new EP from Houndstooth, AUS and R&S signee, Second Storey. 'Spin Cycle', comprised of three tracks written in the same warehouse space Storey shared with TSVI and fellow NH boss, Wallwork, earlier this year, details a micro-world of new ideas that Storey manifests within a sprawling, hyper-specific web of weird and wonderful bass abstraction. "It's not often you go to a viewing and your potential house-mate actively wants you to make noise with no restrictions", he says reflecting on first meeting TSVI while looking for a new place to live in London. Energised by this new sense of creative freedom and boosted by a support network pro-vided by the extended NH crew ("Gugli (TSVI) and Tommy (Wallwork) were buzzing off these tracks when I played them"), Storey is at the top of his game across the EP. From the fuzzy, looping programming on the title-track, written as if in a 'spin cycle', to the swinging, crunchy pressure on 'Critters' and the muffled, industrial-tech tones to 'Sludge 3D', 'Spin Cycle' plays right into the NH ethos - making music that sounds like nothing you've heard before.