The Quest [red & black marbled vinyl / stamped sleeve]

Foreign Material

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 29th 2019


A1Of Faith and GloryForeign Material6:48
A2Of Faith and Glory (Eric Cloutier's Far Side Mix)Foreign Material remix Eric Cloutier6:52
B1Of Flesh and DutyForeign Material7:07
B2Of Flesh and DutyForeign Material remix A Sacred Geometry6:12

Navigating between time and space, label head Foreign Material continues his historical journey with The Quest , a piece inspired by medieval legends. Of Faith and Glory leads the way, an epic track which carries the knights' fervor and devotion through strong rhythmics and mystical eerie pads. American maestro Eric Cloutier provides a deep reverberating rework which brings us far underwater. Of Flesh and Duty dives deeper into medieval madness with fierce rolling toms and hypnotic acid line. The track takes us along knights venturing deep into mysterious woods, accompanied by devastating celestial choirs into a glorious and deadly final. Deep techno craftsman A Sacred Geometry shares his vision with a strong remix that goes into battle frenzy with a powerful and mesmerizing reinterpretation. At last, Of Fire and Fate (Digital Only Track) releases the rising tension and gives a relief after the storm with broken beats and shamanic vibes. This heroic conclusion underlines the impossibility of a far yet necessary goal leading only to death. A bloody never-ending Quest...