Silent Dust / Calibre

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 17th 2011


A11959 / Calibre RemixSilent Dust5:15
B1A Million WordsSilent Dust3:57
B21959Silent Dust4:14

The debut release on UK duo Silent Dust's record label, none60, serves as a bold and attention-grabbing entrance. '1959,' a track off their debut album ('Silent Dust'), has been given the Calibre treatment, creating of smooth, inventive D&B roller that only he can make, with his mastery of harmony and arrangement. The remix has been dominating airwaves, making appearances on both BBC Radio 1 on Fabio & Grooverider's show and Bailey's 1Xtra show. The 12inch also features two songs from the album - a taster of what's to come. The original '1959' leads with a simple piano line (also a dominating element of Calibre's remix), and slowly gets wrapped with sparse, defined percussion and wafts of bass. 'A Million Words' is intricately layered with delicate melodies and unexpected sound effects, and a reverb-drenched, soulful vocal creeps through teasing: 'I know you'd like to have me.' Beautifully tranquil yet lined with a darker edge, the track builds towards continually surprising directions. An incredibly strong debut for the new imprint.