The Giant Remixes

Silent Dust / Marcus Intalex / Om Unit

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 24th 2011


A1The GiantSilent Dust remix Marcus Intalex7:01
B1The GiantSilent Dust remix Om Unit4:43

Silent Dust approach their label none60's second release with two remixes of 'The Giant,' one of the most moving and emotive tracks off their self-titled debut album. Marcus Intalex pulls 'The Giant' out of its eerie, ethereal atmosphere and re-envisions it with tougher percussion, and a deeper sense of urgency. Maintaining the track's spacious feel, Intalex's version becomes a sci-fi dancefloor dweller that drives with immaculately sculpted drums and ascending synth lines. Om Unit, meanwhile, brings 'The Giant' into a head-nodding soundworld of its own, with his characteristic epic builds, winding synths, woozy rhythms and a helping of funk. One for the club DJs, Om Unit's take will cause sheer devastation to any bassbin. An exploration of two unique producers' imaginative minds, both remixes give 'The Giant' an entirely new colour spectrum.