Listen to the Night

Silent Dust

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 28th 2018


01Half NightSilent Dust5:55
02RefuseSilent Dust feat. DRS3:11
03Another SunlightSilent Dust4:44
04Beat FateSilent Dust feat. Illingsworth & SelfSays & Jon1st3:22
05MythsSilent Dust5:45
06Puppet's DreamSilent Dust2:46
07$$$Silent Dust feat. Terror3:41
08Waiting on YouSilent Dust5:28
09No One ManSilent Dust feat. SelfSays2:33
10NovemberSilent Dust feat. Zilla Rocca5:05
11SilenceSilent Dust feat. Sina.4:46

Silent Dust return with their new album 'Listen to the Night', building on the foundations of their self titled debut by adding collaborations with US Indie Hip Hop MCs Illingsworth, SelfSays, Zilla Rocca, terror and Manchester's finest DRS! From the atmospherics of 'Half Night' , the intricacies of 'Myths' and the emotion of 'Refuse' this is an album that demands attention and one that will reward repeat listeners. Set for release at the end of September the album is proceeded by the Calibre remix of 'Refuse' on September 14th.