Ceremony // Ceremony inc. Piers Kemp Remix [Vinyl only]


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January 13th 2017


B1CeremonyPolyop remix Piers Kemp

Polyop was formed in 2015 by producers Jack Driscoll, Harry Orso and visual artist and programmer Alex Kempton. Since then they have been researching and developing a visual-audio experience that fuses nature and tribal culture with the machine. 'Ceremony' is the first exploration of that aesthetic, with their own take on acid house, they take the subject on a hypnotic journey through an alternate sonic-visual reality. Kemp mutates 'Ceremony' into something between disco and techno, the kick and bassline thick and pulsing, whilst the percussion syncopates infectiously. The track progresses into a crescendo, which is amplified by the cavernous feel of the mix. This is certain to hypnotise 3am dancefloor-pagans into a state of worship.