Nexgen 09 EP

Various Artists

Record label
Nexgen Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 9th 2013


A1Northern LightsFaible feat. Iriann Joyce6:22
B1Disco Inferno (D.A rework)Clart & MsdoS6:20
C1Something About LovePhysical Illusion & Sunny Crimea6:00
D1Mario In Computer HellReborn5:55

This August NexGen Music unscrews the lid of a huge jar of summer goodness with four new tracks from a selection of their newest, and finest artists from around the globe. With a roller factor of 10, all four of these musical gems ooze afternoons in the park, cloudless skies, beers on the balcony, and cosmic dancing... A. FAIbLE - 'NORTHERN LIGHTS' FEAT. IRIANN JOycE Austrian producer Faible kicks off the EP with a jazz infused deep vocal roller. 'Northern Lights' pulls you gently through a rich soundscape of piano arrangements encapsulating a warm summertime bass - all nicely wrapped up in the radiant and angelic vocals of Venezuelan vocalist Iriann Joyce. This is a hit of pure Latin heat. b. d.A, cLART & mSdOS -'dIScO INFERNO' NexGen captain and chief D.A teams up with Clart & mSdoS to produce a blistering rework that sweats pure melody, while igniting the burning passion of drum and bass deep within your soul. 'Disco Inferno' meanders through your speakers like a warm summer breeze whilst the jazz guitar takes charge of your music journey, courtesy of renowned New York multiple jazz musician of the year award recipient Greg Diamond. The drop delivers a punching heavyweight sub along with some funky breaks to keep you on your toes. This piece is put simply - magic. c. pHySIcAL ILLuSION & SuNNy cRImEA - 'SOmETHING AbOuT LOvE ' Ukraine is fast becoming a huge nation of talented drum & bass producers and Physical Illusion and Sunny Crimea are definitely considered to be a part of that wave. 'Something About Love' is smooth, light and airy, with crisp and luscious drums and percussion that collide into the hypnotic chords of a rhodes keyboard. Feel the sun in this delightful musical piece shine down on you, while tantalizing vocals suck you even deeper into your musical consciousness. 'Something About Love' is the perfect soundtrack to your summer. d. REbORN - 'mARIO IN cOmpuTER HELL' On a different level to the rest of the EP, Reborn's 'Mario in Computer Hell', takes you down an strange path somewhere inside the deep depths of Nintendo land. With expertly composed 80's & 90's synths and pads, mixed in with 8 bit chops, drops, and melodies - this piece leaves you feeling like you're trapped in 'load-mode' with your joystick all in a twist.