Exchange Series Part 1

Soul Intent / Luca (2)

Record label
Samurai Music
Catalog Number
NZ 005X
Release Date
October 20th 2008


A1Cold BloodedSoul Intent
B1Break & EnterLuca (2)

This release comes in a custom designed Samurai Foreign Exchange sleeve and is pressed on blood red vinyl. New Zealand label Samurai Music continues its flow of quality releases from the likes of Klute, Mosus & SPY, State Of Mind & Trei, & Dose with another 3 in a row. First off will be two releases in a row in what is called The Foreign Exchange Series. So much of our time is spent changing cash into British Pounds and back again, we decided to have a series of releases devoted to splitting the musical currency so to speak. One side UK, and one side NZ, both sides quality!