Música Techno Para Discoteca Vol.1


Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
August 25th 2017


A1Mighty Arms5:53
A2A Glancing Kiss5:33
B1Albion Remains5:57
B2Churns Up Into Stone4:29

This circular item is the OAKS 04 by Prostitutes. Musica Techno Para Discoteca VOL.1 its title. If you drop the needle on this side (A) Mighty Arms and A Glancing Kiss will play. If you flip it side (B) Albion Remains and Churns Up Into Stone will do the same. Eleven times three revolutions per minute. Recommended for Dj use. "Musica Techno Para Discoteca is the new series from OAKS. In it I'll showcase the Techno music that inspires me, the Techno music that I love to play, the Techno music that in my opinion should get a decent exposure due it's originality and honesty. Without paying attention to the market demand or industry standards."