Your Finest Nightmare


Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 21st 2018


A1Vicious As Acid7:03
A2Your Finest Nightmare6:23
B1This is Jack!5:02
B2Come By The Backdoor4:49

"The next one is signed by one of my contemporary idols. His zero-f*cks-giving attitude and his aim to move forward make Ascion the perfect artist to keep telling this story which two years ago was started to write. It could have been nineteen ninety two or today. It could be acid, techno-trance or even 'ardcore (you know the score). Echoes from Belgian New Beat and UK's Intelligent Dance Music resound all along it. Call it how you want and no matter when or where. This rave instrument is going to fill many epic warehouse moments. There is no way to escape: welcome to Your Finest Nightmare." - Hector Oaks September MMXVIII