We Met Under The Strobe Light [label repress sleeve]

Héctor Oaks

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 13th 2020


A1We Met Under The Strobe Light
B1Two-Step Dance Ensured
B2Let It Guide You, Let It Burn You, Obey

Stepping in with a new maxi, first after the album, can't deny it wasn't the easiest job. Inspired by several meetings with influential people in my life, this 4 tracker delivers melancholia and funk for the toughest Dancefloors in the very Oaks tradition. "To all the paths which crossed in the dark, place where we live. Follow the light that we can see." Program and mood recorded at various first encounters under strobing lights in Berlin by Hector Oaks. Mastered by Joel Krozer in Copenhagen at 6BITDEEP. 2019 to eternity.