Other Sentido EP

Los Pastores

Record label
Oblack Label
Catalog Number
Release Date
August 6th 2012


A1Other Sentido8:58
A2Other Sentido (Aldo Cadiz remix)7:20

What a joy to enjoy the house roar, the funk rejoicing and the black energy from the 90s of the first reference of this new Oblack label in which their own mentors, Los Pastores, debut. Who better than them to set the stage for a new sound platform in which, above everything else, there is no boredom and the track is greater than the one in a Formula 1 circuit. In this 'Other Sentido EP' the duo from Valencia, facing the 90s without anger and with a clear underground scent -is more groove than ever, making a track which gets deeply involved-, with an original range of crazy sonic elements to it being added as it evolves. It finishes bursting into a kind of Martian orgy in which there is room for even breaks, 8-beats, Chicagoan pianos, soul vocals and all that amalgam of sounds, with nothing in common, but that together are a bomb -rare and catchy- on the dance floor. Different, fun and brave ... that's Los Pastores, and this 'Other Sentido EP' in which the unmarked cards of Oblack are disclosed. Aldo Cadiz signs a remix based on the original track giving it a stronger and clearer appeal. He makes it more technical and shapes it, providing it with somewhat trance atmospheres, and then adjusting it to any club where these types of crazy tracks are enjoyed and no one knows what will happen right around the corner of each beat. Definitely, a bizarre remix that perfectly fits the disobediently dislocated and difficult-to-label track. Finally, 'Curcuma', original track by Los Pastores, brings us back to those passages of house with strong African-American roots, a very warm percussive character - as addictive as prone to dancing-, and a taste for rumbling retro sounds - or we could better say timeless?- which are recovered here to perfectly combine new with avant-garde. Afro sensuality, jazz dyes and synthetic soul are the unmistakable characteristics of the pastoral home. Bravo -Oblack and Los Pastores-, and carry on.