High Tower EP

Demian Muller & Andre Butano

Record label
Oblack Label
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 1st 2013


A1High Tower8:47
B1High Towerremix Francisco Allendes9:25
B2High Towerremix Dani Casarano8:24

DEMIAN MULLER & ANDRE BUTANO present 'HIGH TOWER' (OBLACK 006) Vinyl & Digital When making a track, whatever his genre although in this case it would be electronic music, you can use reverbs, plugings, effects, loops, low bass or many simple and opportunist crookery or you can try a double somersault of talent, risk and clubbing experimentation. We talk about 'High Tower', the last reference of this pair of Chilean-swiss , Demian Muller and Andre Butano. Also Cadenza included the remix of Dani Casarano in their newsletter, and it shows the good taste and astute sense of Luciano and their crew.. definitely we are in front of an amazing track. 'High tower', vinyl or digital format, is out of the ordinary, a crazy trip of astral house music that breaking and spand with a Sci-fi, lasering and great synth. Track's groove is addictive and poisonous, his vigorous and permanent drums and his rhythmic development and constantly rising show us a bizarre and mad trip around the electronic music. The remix of, also Chilean, Francisco Allendes take the track and bring it to a danceable area, according to the classic house music cannons. His remix is underground, darkness and funky. Francisco Allendes maintains these lightning and incorporates some punch and strength in the dancefloor. The re-work of Allendes is winding and accurate, is deep and great. Finally, the swiss Dani Casarano take the track, dismantle and strip it of his original and digital skin to take it to the divan, to relax and to massage him. The remix is hot and cheerful house music, it maintains his abridged and hypnotic style but it continues the Cadenza's sense methodology. Definitely Chile o Switzerland has a personality and greatest sounds. Eh, Oblack's dudes? To conclude.. Demian and Andre, it's the same either way, a pair of bosses! Fernando Fuentes, March 2013