Thankyou Porvenir EP

Los Pastores

Record label
Oblack Label
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 21st 2013


A1Thankyou PorvenirLos Pastores7:58
A2Thankyou PorvenirLos Pastores remix Luke Solomon6:08
B1MadnessLos Pastores6:42
B2Floros CatLos Pastores & Miguel Lobo7:56

There is a saying in Spain 'the fifth is ever good' that 'Los Pastores' just made up with 'the nineth is ever good'. But, who cares? In Arauz and Snna's fold it doesn't matter. There is no time to rest. There is no place for posers. This is a 'non stop dancing' scene. In this new EP called 'Thankyou Porvenir', which includes a track with the same name, 'Los Pastores' have shown off their strongest electronic character, leaving behind the sassy, cocky House to get to their deepest side. In the track that gives name to the EP, Thankyou Porvenir, they've discovered a sensitive side to their music that we didn't know yet, searching for an atmospheric background to connect with some beautiful but shy vocals. Just the right amount of salt and pepper. After the break, the track carries on with a firm and fat setup for the bassline, that mixes perfectly with the percussion, introduced at the second level. A graceful piece that is intimate and almost conversational. It invites one to close their eyes and dream, taking a laid-back journey into the deepest feelings that invade us. Thanks for taking the risk! The british producer Luke Solomon wanted to add his own remix of 'Thankyou Porvenir' to the Oblack Collection. A remix that is gonna give more than one broken bone in the hip and pelvis. It is music strictly made to dance to, full of energy and showing the craziest side of House. A track where horns and whistles can be heard, even pixelated voices, with an insane 8beat path that gives to the song the exact amount of tasty flavour. No joke fellas! This is a kind of slam-dunk piece for Solomon. The third track helping this EP to get even hotter is called 'Madness'. Loco amigo! It comes with a toxic groove, slowmo style that would easily mesmerize you. The melody line is so simple, yet so powerful, with an easy and playful structure. Even with the repetitive nature of this piece, it is amazing how you remain captured throughout the whole song. A propper BINGO! 'Floros cat' is the last track of the EP, by 'Los Pastores' with Miguel Lobo from Madrid. Finally, here is the techno. Here it comes, a kick thats stinks of Detroit. It's commanding in its message: This is techno and we need more bpms, more reverb and more distorsion. It's an almost poisoned track, especially when that addictive Detroit kick comes and goes. This is a serious banger that closes 'Thankyou Porvenir EP' (Oblack 009) which places 'Los Pastores' at the epicentre of the Spanish electronic scene. Nice cars and women should be indebted to artists like this. Los Pastores, gracias por venir. Fernando Fuentes, September 2013