No After Today - Colour vinyl special edition


Record label
Oblack Label
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 21st 2014


A1No After Today7:14
A2No After Today remix Luca Bacchetti6:48
B1No After Todayremix Los Pastores7:12
B2No After Todayremix Arado7:32

Los Pastores label -Oblack- receives -from the city of Torino- the renowned DJ and producer Yaya -one of the main ones on the German-Tunisian Loco Dice's label Desolat- to sign an EP that undoubtedly means a turning point in the history of the pastoral label par excellence; this is why it's the first colored vinyl that the Spanish label, based in Ibiza, publishes, being the artist and quality sound deserving. Besides, the payroll of the remixers is exceptional with the international Luca Bacchetti and Arado- plus, Los Pastores - being a perfect companions in sonic adventures. In "Not after today" Yaya brings out a mixture of sounds that makes everything it reaches taste and smell like Africa, Italy and, of course, Ibiza. The original that nominates this EP exudes an underground groove assigned to house, mediterranean, soulful and infectious, that goes in crescendo while the tunes goes on and it makes it almost irresistible on the dance floor. The tremendous percussive domain shown by Yaya in every beat and the way he works the tune until the very last sound makes what is needed for a set on the dancefloor to break this summer in Ibiza, among other fascinating places to be dancing. It will definitely be a tune in Carl Cox's sessions this summer on the white island and, of course, in the afternoons and evenings of Ushuaia, Space, Zoo Project, etc.. where Yaya plays every summer. The remix of his compatriot Luca Bacchetti, tempers and softens its percussive power and firmly applies tempos more tech that adapts it to electronic cosmopolitan club spaces. Bacchetti knows what it takes and by respecting the original version he manages to globalize a track in its original version that internationalizes and expands it to long hour dance spaces. Meanwhile the revision presented to us by Los Pastores, playing at home with Oblack, offers us a very particular view of the tune that gives name to the EP. Breaks, winks, negroid vocals and martian pastoral sounds are so characteristic within the sound of Snna and Arauz's universe and, above all, a warm cadence, that sticks to the skin and therefore is a very sexy catapult it into spaces of pure and hedonistic splendor. Great work pastores, it's time to dance. Finally the German Arado converts "Not after today" in to a dark passage, underground and unfriendly to sunny places that are too exposed to light. It is a remix to be enjoyed in unlikely places to dance, it is geared to be the soundtrack to less vertical things. It does this by showing the minimal side of the tune, highlighting the African soul and showing the world their mestizo and mysterious skeleton.