Rewayna EP

Tato feat. Andrew Grant

Record label
Oblack Label
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 9th 2014


A2Rewaynaremix Chris Carrier6:36
B1Rewaynaremix Los Pastores6:58

When two talented international producers such as Tato and Andrew Grant get together and join forces, not even superstition that could surround the ominous 13th mallorcan Tato - head of the label Isgud - and yankee Andrew Grant are two of the main players for the Ibizan club DC-10 and the well known Italian party Circoloco. Oblack - the label from Los Pastores -united them on this EP and the result is.. carry on reading. The point is that with 'Rewayna', Tato, and with the collaboration of the tech master Andrew Grant, he gives a new twist to this underground house without concesions that characterize his sound. Rare sofistication, sweaty underground and an African background sound which melts at night. The original track is a journey to warm and technified house. Heat, punch and mystery. Reminiscent of African landscapes, lost sounds recovering taste for analogic imprints. Rare and adictive. You have been warned! The remix from the french Chris Carrier makes it bubble. It takes it from solid to liquid to finally add the right amount of acidity to convert this song into an martian hymn. Not ready for the pose, closer to the underground signature that stylizes everything which Tato's hands touch. For their part Los Pastores, playing at home, they look at it with the same underground perspective but closer to the dance floor. With such special ambiance found in all the beats created by the Oblack bosses. They take it straight to the dance floor like always, with those weird off tempo vocals that is becoming their international, consolidated trademark. '5htp' is the track that closes this EP from Tato in Oblack reaching their 13th again, the balearic guy submerges us into a mysterious sound space. Low lighting, where nothing is what it seems, where everyone is ready to step into the tech-house kingdom, straight from the first beat. It draws attention to those guitar riffs and some very well distorted piano keys that mingle around the track giving a nice fresh touch. Let's dance! So, Tato, Andrew Grant and Los Pastores. It was a big risk, but in the end, we only regret the chances we did not take. Fernando Fuentes, May 2014