Acid Flow

Alex Font

Record label
Oblack Label
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 19th 2015


A1Acid FlowAlex Font6:34
A2She's A KhaleesiAlex Font7:15
B1Acid FlowAlex Font remix Nacho Marco7:07

Alex Font repeats in Oblack- only like the best -and he does it showing the most acidic and clubby version of that "The real house" that permeates their sound from start to finish. This 'Acid Flow' is the fifteenth reference of the pastorial label commanded by Snna and Nacho Arauz- from Ibiza the Valencian Alex Font presents us with an original passage of festive house, trotter and no-friend of the depressions where the legendary sound of the Roland TB-303 is the pacesetter, disguises the soul and adds foundation to the track. And, since it breaks the acidic sound through antonomasia, this 'Acid Flow', shows his playful and fun side. This is a bright and optimistic theme, designed and checked to make us dance with a smile on our face, no doubt. A bare-chested tribute to those early 90s when electronics was all about joy and effervescence. Nacho Marco's remix from this 'Acid Flow' is inherent of such talent that dominates the battles of sophisticated deep house. The Valencian brings seriousness, body and attachment to the original version; he tempers it and makes it elegant growing upwards and making it a perfect tool to be enjoyed in the middle of the night, in that session that no one wants let go. His hectic progression, following the classical canons, is manual, and from the middle of his footage when the remix comes up, pimps, takes a break and explodes to turn into a more acidic final. This is not a cucumber; it's a full salad. Top marks for this groovy exercise from one of the fastest growing national talents with bigger impact beyond our borders. 'She's a Kalheesi' is the theme that closes this great EP. Here Alex Font goes back through the front door to that dreamily housie space, with strong upward tech, which flies with the fluidity of a starling in late spring. His contemporaneous job of the gender born in Chicago is fed through issues like this in which starting from a base itself, he adds house elements, vowels, synthetic lashes and beats that move him towards new and mysterious lounges. Good face A2 that could be the A1. Alex Font, Nacho Marco and Oblack - Los Pastores label: a perfect sum.