Norilsk / Otsek


Record label
Catalog Number
OK 013
Release Date
February 16th 2009



Prokets first solo outing on Offkey since his EP in mid-2008, and it feels like things have developed at an alarming rate. The two tracks are definite sign points from Proket, showing where he was and where he wants to go as a producer. Norlisk is a straight up assault, absolutely hammering parties since its creation- a one track minded beast. A firm favourite in Eastern Europe and a much requested release from Offkey. When looked at from the wider perspective Norlisk represents a very small portion of what Offkey music & Proket do. Here at Offkey we have pushed boundaries as much as we feel we can within the harder realm of what is called Techno drum n bass, and the only way of going further forward with this sound is to take new directions- still with the dancefloor prowess & huge production values you have been accustomed to. It simply wouldnt be fair if we didn't stay true to ourselves in terms of the sound we want to push, and in turn we would be cheating you. That said Proket has given us the first glimpse into his new mindframe- Otsek. So against the grain it seems to flow perfectly, its still unmistakeably Proket but now the focus is on paranoid soundscapes aswell as dancefloor destruction- this is what Makes Proket special- another ideology completely unconcerned with regularity or confines. We truly hope you have enjoyed what we have released so far and we believe you will love what we have in store. Offkey Music 2009.