Dromederie, The Blues


Record label
Olmeto Records
Catalog Number
OLM 020
Release Date
March 9th 2009


B1The Blues

Olmetos first release of 2009 takes the Flamenco bull by the horns and drops a track of such Spanish influence, youll think youre at Las Ventas! Senor Bushwackas Dromederie neatly entangles beautifully mournful Spanish guitars, passionate feet stomping Flamenco dancers with modern glitches to create a seriously ferocious tune with an underlying feeling of treachery. The percussive elements embroiled in the final three minutes (specially edited as a DJ tool for the creative amongst you) are so unique, the reaction evoked on any primed and ready dancefloor has to be seen to be believed its a tune youre not going to forget in a hurry! Side two, The Blues takes an altogether slower, more winding approach but is sure to draw you in from the off. Whilst we are reminded This is The Blues, rising melodies and catchy loops reminiscent of grooving disco transport you to a sleazy den of dance iniquity. Marking the twentieth release on Layo & Bushwackas Olmeto imprint, Dromederie & The Blues are a stunning representation of the forward thinking dance music this label has to offer. Not to be ignored.