Concrete Pelvis

Electric Anthillman

Record label
Oltrarno Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 16th 2018


01Boogey Man3:52
02Broken Face2:42
03Can't Talk2:30
05Sexy Little IMAX Thang2:44
06You Don't Know1:31
07Neko Ga Nekoronda1:11
08Beyond Your Toe A Squirrel3:17
09Song Of The Elevator Girl2:07
10A Little Bit More Hot Water1:39
11What's The Name Of This Song2:01
12Useless Information2:18
13Concrete Pelvis2:10
14No One1:57

Oltrarno Raw presents Electric Anthillman, a nervous flickering Berlin-based band who play fast weird disco funk-new wave from outer space...have fun! Electric Anthillman are: Rieko Okuda - steam-micro-korg + kiai-vocals Antti Virtaranta - snakestring-e-bass + opera-vocals Frank Szardenings - egg-cutter-e-guitar + wiggle-vocals Peter Schlewinski - marching-funk-drums + complaining-vocals Recorded 2017 Feb 15th/16th at Butterama-Studio by Daniel Nentwig Mastered by Sebastian Jechorek The cover artwork is curated by wetigerz from Chile.