Red Velvet

Jeff Rushin & Nicole Rosie

Record label
On and On Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 8th 2013


A1Red Velvet7:59
B1Red Velvetremix Audio Injection6:05
B2Red Velvet Re-edit6:17

ON and ON the Amsterdam based artist and events agency launch their new musical venture, ON Records. Underground, Deep, Raw and Surprising... The key words that form the On and On sound. With much love and passion for underground music, On Records presents you high quality releases containing the real On and On sound! Each will be released in Vinyl and digital format! 001 sees ON and ON owner Jeff Rushin follow up a stream of well supported releases by teaming up with rising talent Nicole Rosie on the Red Velvet EP. Hypnotic and atmospheric, the original and Re-Edit of Red Velvet are supported by an equally mesmerising rework from American artist Audio Injection.