Berg EP

Yan Cook

Record label
On and On Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 14th 2014


A2Millremix Unbalance6:35
B2Millremix Jeff Rushin & Nicole Rosie5:42

Its been an impressive start for Dutch label On Records. Over the course of their first three releases the music arm of the On and On artist agency has gathered fantastic support from many of the techno elite. This big name backing has come solely because of the quality of the music, as it should. 004 continues in much the same mould with a label debut from Ukrainian artist Yan Cook. With a signature sound of haunting atmospheres and pounding baselines, Yan's techno is not for the faint of heart and both Mill and Berg, his originals here, tread a similar, unrelenting path. On the first of the remixes On Records have drafted in Berlin based producer Unbalance. Taking things deeper the talented Russian creates a strong, raw and hypnotic groove that rides throughout. Label boss Jeff Rushin once again teams up with studio partner Nicole Rosie on the second of the remixes and plunges us further still into the murky techno depths. Warm, minimal and soothing stuff from duo. DJ FEEDBACK: Tommy Four Seven - 'Coming back to you on this... Yeah I've been playing Mill and Berg in my sets. Great tracks!!' Aiken - 'I will try out Berg and the Unbalance version of 'Mill' this track will be for sure in my next podcast.' DVS1 - 'Nice release. For me it's the Unbalance mix and original of Berg that stand out.' Roberto - 'For my sets its going to be the original of Berg and Unbalance mix that get the plays.' Mr Jones - 'Dark, evil and bass. Liking Mill and the groove on the mix from Unbalance..' Ambivalent - 'Whilst I'm liking everything on here, its definitely Berg that's fitting best for my sets.' Steve Rachmad - 'The Unbalance is the pick of the release. It sounds like it could be cool for me.' Billy Nasty - 'Both mixes of Mill are sounding so good to me. Support!!' Gerd - 'Banging tunes here from Yan!! The Original of Mill and Unbalance remix are sounding BIG!!' Darko Esser - 'Nice and solid release from Yan and On. The Unbalance remix is the pick for me on this one.' Svreca - 'All of the tracks seem solid to me, but I think I'm drawn more towards the remixes.' Darren Quail - (Soma) - 'Original and the Unbalance remix are both sounding wicked to me here!' J.Tijn - 'Both the original and the unbalance remix of Mill sound WICKED!! I'll be trying these.' Brendon Moeller - 'I like this release a lot! Every single track on here going in the bag!' John Osborne - 'Nice work from everyone on this one. Hard to actually pick a fav from the release. Each of the mixes is strong for different moments.' Pfirter - 'Sounds nice to me. Will be trying out both versions of Mill and see how they work.' Andrew Grant - (Circoloco/Barraca) - 'I am feeling and luving the remixes on this new On Records release. Especially the Unbalance rework.' Jeroen Search - 'This is cool stuff from On Records. I kind of like all of the tracks on here. Will test them out.' Andre Kronert - 'Outstanding release! For me one of the best this month! Love the subliminal hard and upbuilding hypnotic power of the tunes. Very good release. See me playing all tunes.' Pangea - 'Yeah, that is one wicked groove on the Unbalance remix!! Support!' Doka - 'Yet again a powerful release form ON records! Great originals but also really liking the Unbalance remix and the Rushin and Rosie remix is a strong addition to complete the release.' Samuel L Session - 'Nice EP from Yan Cook! Very dirty and classic sounding techno. Me like it!!' Randomer - 'I knew I'd like this before I even listened to it. I'll be dropping something from this in Berghain this weekend.' Angel Molina - 'Nice release guys! Very playable, Unbalance remix is definitely gonna get played by me.' Diversions - (CHRY Toronto, Canada) - 'Great sounding release - especially like Berg which builds with suspense and plays with haunting melodies and switching tempos.' Makossa - (FM4 Vienna, Austria) - 'Solid deep tech from Yan Cook. Berg my fav.' Ceoltronic Radio - (RTE Pulse, Ireland) - 'Nice work guys. Unbalance remix wins if for me. Will feature on the show.' Edwin - (DJ Magazine, Holland) - 'Heavy tracks here! Considering for a review in the magazine. Need to listen further.' Andrew - (Pulse Radio, Australia) - 'The Unbalance remix is totally kick ass!!' Scan Mode - (DJ Magazine, Spain) - 'WOW!! This is a great release for sure!! Berg for me.' Tsugi Magazine, France - 'Berg is the standout on this release for us.' DJ FEEDBACK - OTHER Ben Sims - 'Thanx for the release. Nothing really jumping out for me to play this time.' Norman Nodge - 'Does not hit me hard but these are solid tunes. The atmosphere on the Rushin and Rosie remix seems nice.' Alan Fitzpatrick - 'The Unbalance remix is sounding nice although these masters sound a little flat to me.' Patrick - (Groove Magazine, Germany) - 'Not sure yet. Will listen further.'