Mike Humphries / Audioklinik

Record label
Open Source
Catalog Number
OS 005
Release Date
July 2nd 2007


A1AutomationMike Humphries

Long awaited fifth release on Open Source, this time featuring one of the all time greats of techno and one of the brightest new acts emerging today. Mike Humphries, with his pioneering labels like Punish and co-owner of Red Seal, has been producing some of the finest techno for many years and has been an inspiration to countless DJs and producers. Automation the track chosen for this release is nothing short of a club monster, an infectious hook with an old school rave flavour teams up with superb polished percussion, expertly crafted, to ensure dancefloor detonation. If that was not good enough, newcomers Audioklinik, a pair of Swiss producers just emerging with releases on Unknown Forces and Neuroshocked, deliver two absolute belters on the flip, hard and funky, building effortlessly and sure to bring them more well-deserved attention. A great combination of established and fresh music on a great label.