Venery EP [full colour sleeve / 180 grams / incl. dl code]


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March 15th 2019



Fellow countryman Zygos has lit the fuse for his sonically abysmal "Venery EP". A highly prolific talent, who's productions undoubtedly had a considerable impact on the scene within the last year, including various massive vinyl outings on labels such as Unity Through Sound, Rarefied or Subaltern Records & support from vital figures like Sleeper or N-Type. OVD001 serves profound bassweight on a 12" platter, setting the tone for future releases. Garbled voice echo reverberations intermingle with sneaky percussion grooves in "Resilience" - eerie down to the core. As sub frequencies come into play the psychedelic atmosphere continues to twist itself further only to re-structure itself into a straight banger, giving way to thick midbass pulses and a dense dubstep onslaught. "Tension" heads off into coherent territory, leading the way into a beautifully broken groove held together by heavy snares, fluid drum fills and organic foley. The devious second drop reels us back in, elegantly surmising the up-tempo feel of this wonky beat. Flipping the record for its conclusion, listeners are being met with the supreme title track "Venery", hypnotically pacing onward in a four-to-the-floor steppers style. Spearheaded by the percussive lead, we're left dazed and skanking. A full-force dubstep rave - reminiscent of underground techno, executed masterfully.