These Ancestral Bones

Leiras / Peter van Hoesen

Record label
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Release Date
October 20th 2014


A1These BonesLeiras6:15
B1These BonesLeiras remix Peter van Hoesen8:23

'This ancestral bones' - title of the second release of the Berlin-based label Ownlife. It features two original tracks of Leiras and a remix by one of the key-names in the electronic music-scene, the multifaceted Peter Van Hoesen. The record opens with a direct weapon. 'These Bones' combines the classic sound of techno with the actual vision of dance oriented music. Metallic sound melts over its gloomy atmosphere to a true profit for a dark clubsound. 'Diagram' is the ideal example for the characteristic, hypnotic sound of the label - with a hard-hitting rhythm, keeping the driving sound. The B side completes the record with the remix of Van Hoesen. The different sounds of the original track intervene in a repetitive way, creating an incredible groove. The belgian producer illuminates the release, with a dreamy pad to an eigth minute long trip, what is the perfect end to this EP.