Future Initiation Rituals


Record label
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Release Date
February 9th 2015


A1Ritual I
A2Ritual II
B1Ritual III
B2Ritual IV

Tensal is the first guest artist of the Ownlife imprint and opens the year 2015 with a piece of authentic techno in all its forms. Four initiatic cuts that re-define the sonorous shades of this label. 'Ritual I' is a return to the rough sound of the late 90s, no concessions, pure effectivity for the beginning of the record. The 'A' side is completed with the more hypnotic part of the EP. A deep track, dry and minimalist with the elements needed to create the mystical atmosphere which floods this reference. 'Ritual III' is absolute Energy. A constant and atmospheric progression is perfect to create an impact on the dancefloor, maintaining tension to the end. The last track opens the door of the emotional side of the artist and represents a contribution of light to Ownlife. A cut of dusty textures and delay tones. A landscape of stabs with a flawless structure for smoky clubs with low light.