Hidden Truth

Jonas Kopp

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 5th 2016


A1MetatronJonas Kopp7:25
A2Where Physic EndsJonas Kopp6:02
B1Empty Planet Jonas Kopp6:31
B2The Quantic RoomJonas Kopp6:14

Hidden truth is an open window to the occult knowlegde, an initiation into the hermetic wisdom. Jonas Kopp delves into his characteristic sound. Direct, mental and mechanic in equal parts, the fifth release of this series comes full of classic and atemporal techno structures. A1 - Jonas Kopp - Metatron A2 - Jonas Kopp - Where Physic Ends B1 - Jonas Kopp - Empty Planet B2 - Jonas Kopp - The Quantic Room