Turquoise Tundra pt. II [printed outer sleeve / turquoise inner sleeve]


Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 17th 2020


A2Ways of Communication6:02
B2Turquoise Camo7:31

Leiras concludes the Turquoise Tundra concept with a second EP that thoroughly represents the characteristic sound from the author and expand it to another horizon. Once more, we find different tempos and intensities in another powerful combination of tracks that will see the light in early 2020. On the A side we can find a slower synthwork with multiple bass layers named Lifelink and also, Ways of Communication , a complex rhythm composition with effected voices and an intricate sound design. On the flip side, Unexplored gives a classier vision to the release, with continual and endless synth sequences flowing over hard stepping drum patterns. Everything has an end, and Turquoise Camo is the perfect epilogue for this project, pushing forward the expectre of sound, the complexity on the rhythms and a significant arrange progression. A place where the futuristic sound of IDM embraces the physic consistency of techno.