Fold Together EP

Henry Greenleaf

Record label
Par Avion Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 23rd 2018


A1Fold Together
A2Rolling Untitled
B1The Way
B2Half Under

Par Avion deliver the long awaited debut 12'' from Bristol's Henry Greenleaf. The cover bears 'Fold Together'; a skittish, icy electro number, perfectly aligned with the young Bristolian's notoriety for tough tunes. Accompanying the title track, 'Rolling Untitled' is a punchy techno workout, responsible for rattling basements around the UK. Overleaf to these, however, Henry communicates an entirely different message. Though 'The Way' chugs along as a syncopated roller, stylishly throwing nods to jungle and dub cultures on the way, 'Half Under' exists as an exhibition of programming. Dynamic fills stutter and slap in almost improvised fashion, ending our second communication with a stark westward shift towards 2-step and garage.