Frenetic EP

Mr. G

Record label
Phoenix G
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 7th 2013


A2Red line4:33
B1Bounceremix Ben Sims7:15

Mr.G opens the new year with a bouncy and oldschoolish 12 on his home label Phoenix G. Ferm and deep kickdrums that are being accompanied by lengthy chords and a frequently return male vocal that states, bounce. All and all this is the dancefloor music we are used to from Mr.G. The A2 brings a more technoish vibe to dance to. This fits perfect in the modern trend of bass producers turning techno. While of course G is somewhat more of a legend and he didnt just turn to this type of music recently. It does proove that he is still abel to catch any kind of vibe to get the people moving. On the B1 we find a Ben Sims remix. Which of course is enough said. Mr Sims turns the A2 original into an absolute floor wrecker.