Padded Cell

Pick Pocket / Alessio Mereu

Record label
Pick Pocket
Catalog Number
PIP 003
Release Date
February 15th 2008


A1Padded CellPick Pocket
B1Francas HeartAlessio Mereu
B2Dancing in the darkAlessio Mereu

Alessio Mereu, a classical piano player since he was just an eight years old kid, Moved to electronic music in the last few years with his trade mark 'hypnotic and full of groove' defined style. Even though he is a very young artist, he is a talented and appreciated producer who broke the scene just at 18... recorded for Eminor Records, Orion & Paco osuna's Mind shake label... This, his 1st release for PIP03. will feature some of his best work,Franca's heart has all the marks of being a hit for 2008, groove is so spot on & melodies coming in & out through out the track...This has all the right elements in the right places...