We Are Lost EP


Record label
Paradise Lost
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 13th 2011


A1We Are Lost6:10
A2Smoke Curls5:37

A true showcase of Vesicle's creativity, versatility and dark bassline science, the We Are Lost EP contains 4 deep and dark Dubstep excursions and makes a strong case for this Finnish duo's inclusion among the genre's best and brightest of the new generation of sound visionaries. The title track 'We Are Lost' is a beautiful, dark anthem combining haunting vocals with live guitars, intricate melodies, precision drum programming and fat slabs of bass. The result is a well-rounded, catchy and melancholic masterpiece. 'Smoke curls' switches up the program, engulfing the listener in deliberately lo-fi sound fx and percussion whilst conjuring up deeply emotional, melodic bliss by juxtaposing a dusty piano with a soaring, distorted, filtered leadline of 8-bit chiptune charme. Destined to become a dark breakstep anthem, 'Mythos' harks back to the late 90's Metalheadz sound with its epic synthlines, eery vocals and massive, growling Reece bass constructions. 'Redemption' completes this vicious circle with a journey to the depths of darkness, attesting to Vesicle's true mastery of uniquely filthy bassline construction on this stripped-down vision of despair. To ensure that this EP looks as mindblowingly sick as it sounds, the vinyl release features stunning, limited-edition full sleeve artwork!