Colder Now EP - WHITE vinyl


Record label
Paradise Lost
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 5th 2012


A1Colder Now6:01
B1Structural Function5:12
B2Unit Zero5:36

Boot's inaugural artist EP for Paradise Lost - the "Colder Now EP" - is an open invitation to this Australian's mystical dungeon, a place where Eastern instrumentation and emotive textures mix seamlessly with the raw power of murky, ominous basslines to construct powerful cinematic compositions you can lose yourself in. Title track "Colder Now" takes us on a bleak, esoteric journey, combining Eastern strings with a tense vocoded bassline, serves it up on a canvas of hazy oriental atmospheres, and then brings everything to a point with some delicious dubbed-out subbass switches. What a combo! "Debased" brings things back to bassline focus with its writhing subs and techy synth stabs, creating a powerful, foreboding soundscape with minimalism, dark atmospheres and the kind of razor-sharp beats that Boot is known for. "Structural Function" continues in the same vein - a monster of a tune built only on the basics and oozing a strong, everpervading sense of dread. This is dungeon sound from the ethereal plane! "Unit Zero" slaps the finishing touches on the vinyl edition of the release, focussing on a funky bassline and emotive atmospheric pads, building up into a meditative dub experience. Digitalexclusive track "Shudder" provides a hard-running brockout but is still trademark Boot sound. Don't know what trademark Boot sound is? Dont worry, once you've heard the "Colder Now EP", you'll know and love it!