Inconvenient Truth EP - RED MARBLED VINYL


Record label
Paradise Lost
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 3rd 2013


A1Inconvenient Truth ft. The Cyclops
B1White Light

Finland's baddest bassmakers make a triumphant return to Dubstep after a quiet year following the release of their critically acclaimed "We Are Lost EP". Recycling und reinterpreting musical styles like it's going out of fashion, Vesicle cause pure crossover mayhem at the highest level with their "Inconvenient Truth EP". The title track "Inconvenient Truth" - a bastard full-vocal Dubstep-Hiphop hybrid - is a collaboration with MC collective The Cyclops from Portland, USA and it mercilessly destroys all in its path with sledgehammer 808 kit work and trademark Vesicle bassline science. Continuing on the Hip Hop tip, cult classic "Cropkets" finally gets its well-deserved release, featuring insane vox-editing and more 808 sounds to delight the old-school crowd. "White Light" is simply one of the best, stripped-down, funk-tinted classic Dungeon tunes around, and "Rebellion" is full-on, smoked-out roots-dub fiyah for the real skankout massive. From their bass laboratory deep in the dark forests of Finland, Vesicle deliver the "Inconvenient Truth EP", yet another catchy, multi-faceted release that remains true to the underground while paying tribute to the roots of Dubstep, Hip Hop, Electro and a host of other musical influences.