Tsar Bomba EP - download codes for 7 track EP and color vinyl, limited art print


Record label
Paradise Lost
Catalog Number
Release Date
December 9th 2013


A1Tsar BombaBisweed4:23
A2QuestionBisweed & Ax Farel5:58
B1Ghosts VIPBisweed5:19

By popular demand, Estonian prodigy Bisweed returns to Paradise Lost to blow things up proper with his sophomore artist release, the Tsar Bomba EP. The title track 'Tsar Bomba' has a lot to live up to, seeing that the Soviet Tsar Bomba was the largest ballistic missile ever constructed. No disappointment to be found here, however. The track starts out with a cinematic Soviet-style horn intro before blowing up with one of the heaviest drops this year in Deep Dubstep. This is a quintessential track for the apex of the party. 'Ghosts VIP' takes the infamous original track from Bisweed's first Paradise Lost release to another level of clarity. This is truly the epitome of Dungeon style, and vinyl fans who enjoyed the original tune will be happy to see this finally hit wax. 'Catacombs' keeps up the dark and murky subbass pressure while 'Question', a collaboration with Ax Farel, is a great wall of detailed soundscapes and percussive intricacies. The digital release of this EP will also include three additional digi-only tracks: 'Solar System' featuring its long-wound intro and stomping industrial drums, 'Magnetic Field' which is sounding like 'Tsar Bomba's' long-lost cousin, and the jukey, 909-laden Ax Farel Remix of the Bisweed standard 'Ghosts'. Vinyl purchasers will be rewarded doubly - not only with spectacular clear-blue vinyl in a clear plastic sleeve, but also with download codes for all digi tracks including the three digi-only bonus tracks! This record will look fantastic but will also represent a great historic value: since Bisweed already produces at a level with the genre's best, and we're confident when we say that he's a superstar in the making.