4th State - ICICLE Remix / Chavland

Safire & Amoss feat. Gusto / Gamma

Record label
Plasma Audio
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 24th 2014


A14th StateSafire & Amoss feat. Gusto remix Icicle4:33

Plasma Audio mark the first step in their record label's life with a huge remix of Safire & Amoss' track '4th State feat Gusto', from the Dutch production lord, Icicle, of Shogun Audio fame. With its four furious minutes having been spoken for, the focus shifts to '2012' and 'Chavland,' the two less crushing than '4th State' but compelling on their own terms. With a distorted, grime-soaked vocal growl in tow, '2012' digs into its trippy glitchtronic vibe and future-funk groove with serious headnodding purpose, before 'Chavland' rolls out a muscular, high-velocity neurofunk pulse to re-establish the release's drum'n'bass character.