Sabre / Alix Perez

Record label
Plasma Audio
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 29th 2016


A1Yoga (Alix Perez Club Mix)Sabre remix Alix Perez3:04
B1Yoga (Original Mix)Sabre3:30
B2Yoga (Alix Perez Warped Mix)Sabre remix Alix Perez3:27

Plasma Audio have been on a roll this year. They've racked up releases from the likes of Icicle, Safire, Rido, Proxima, Cursa, Kolectiv and Survey and now they've got a heavy remix single from the mighty Alix Perez. Sabre's track Yoga came out on Plasma in 2014 to critical acclaim and now it's got a whole new lease of life, courtesy of Mr. Perez, with two new versions. Both remixes have manage hold on to plenty of the original's wonkiness. The Club Mix creeps along with an irregular pace. Buzzing synths call out and reply to each other in a conversation, which builds up an abstract sonic landscape that bulges and swells as the track continues. The Warped mix brings more space to the track's reinterpretation resulting in a more dubbed out feel accentuating the tracks sense of pace.