Playmobil #5

Mihalis Safras & Liberto

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 8th 2008


A1MisaMihalis Safras & Liberto
B1StunnazMihalis Safras & Liberto remix Zahn
B2StunnazMihalis Safras & Liberto

Playmobil striks again, and you know this is not only for the little boys! Liberto and Mihalis Safras are already well known names in the minimal scene and on this record you can hear why. MISA is a beautiful building track with an easy intro followed by a melody of bleeps and sounds. It grows steadily into a mayhem of synths, bleeps and clicks. All the way back in the breakdown and then it drops... Killer! On the flip you will find STUNNAZ remix by ZAHN known from his recent succesful releases on ENEMYLTD. A track ful of bass, the neighbours will definitely like this one! The original of STUNNAZ on the B2.