Dualistic Concept [Black Vinyl / Black Sleeve Repress]

Oscar Mulero

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 12th 2018


A1Dualistic Concept _Continuous EditOscar Mulero6:21
A2Mechanical Function _Hypnotic EditOscar Mulero5:29
B1Muscle and MindOscar Mulero remix SHXCXCHCXSH6:38
B2Mentally Induced ActionOscar Mulero remix Stanislav Tolkachev6:18

Muscle and Mind is the return of Oscar Mulero to long plays, after Grey fades to Green and Black Propaganda. 'Muscle' and 'mind' may seem antagonistic terms in real life, but in terms of music they make sense together, especially when talking about techno. [Black Vinyl / Black Sleeve Repress]