Blood EP

Lewis Fautzi

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 30th 2015


A2Blood (Exium Remix)remix Exium6:04
B2Skin (Kwartz Remix)remix Kwartz5:37

We are very glad to welcome Mr. Lewis Fautzi to our team of producers. After having been part of our booking roster for a year, now it's time for this promising Portuguese producer to get physical on vinyl. Blood EP comprises two original tracks plus remixes by our very own duo Exium and our man Kwartz. Four slices of futuristic, spacey, hypnotic techno, starting with 'Blood'. All the elements of this track are present from the beginning: synthetic bleeps, profound sub bass frequencies and percussive elements that come in and out of the arrangement subtly. Less than five minutes of mental therapy, and also a fabulous mixing tool. Exium reinforces 'Blood', darkening the bleeps and modifying them, adding a fatter kick and a more dynamic arrangement. On the B side, 'Skin' keeps the continuous sequences and a strong kick drum as a starting point, slowly adding hats and subtle drones that grow until taking more and more sonic frequencies. Hard and mental at the same time, it will explore the hidden territories of your mind, if played on the proper sound system. Kwartz takes the obsessive elements of the original, filtering them to his own taste and giving more space to the bleeps, while putting the drones aside. A great start in our label for this excellent studio wizard whose work has been previously released on labels like Soma Quality Recordings or Figure.