Second Skin EP

Oscar Mulero

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 26th 2016


A1Second Skin6:24
A2Second Skinremix Architectural5:41
B2Rotarremix Tensal6:06

Oscar Mulero is the man behind our release number 37, helped on remix duties by two of the main members of our team: Architectural and Tensal, who offer four different versions of Oscar's originals. The first track is "Second Skin", with slow paced beats and dubby chords that mutate and run around the arrangement, taking us to the classic days of Basic Channel. Architectural changes the bass drum, adds some low frequency punch and spreads the reverb at the beginning. He then adds wet and liquid drones and a profound stereo work. Mental techno at its best. The digital version boasts an extra remix by Architectural. Its broken rhythms, slow tempos, atmospheres and reverberations make this rework an ideal opening track for intelligent techno sets. "Rotar" keeps the slow tempos and the liquidness of the drums, adding some flanged percussion and using once more a chord-based synth to keep the flow. Tensal is the man in charge of these remakes. The first one, totally different from the original, has a compact kick and heavy subbass action, tensioned hats, filtered chords and continuous cabasa rhythms that transform a mental track into a club stomper. The digital bonus remix is closer to the original, on a more dub techno approach: round kicks, reverb spaces, growing chords and echo synths.