Internal Pressure EP


Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 22nd 2018


A1Internal PressureP.E.A.R.L.5:48
B1DissolutionP.E.A.R.L. remix Tensal6:23
B2Exceed By DelicacyP.E.A.R.L.5:18

P.E.A.R.L. returns home with this brand new EP, after some exquisite releases in his very own Falling Ethics label it' s time for a new adventure in our label. Sergio's sound has a distinctive raw and dry appeal, focusing in sound sculpture and direct grooves, always pushing the edge of his equipment, using just the necessary elements, away from saturation and trendiness. 'Internal Pressure' is the first number in this slice of wax, fat bass drums, hi frequency pulses, metalic components and subtle textures and ambiences all mixed up to create a solid mixing weapon. 'Dissolution' is less bright, more filtered and opaque the groove flows from low frequencies to full spectrum slowly, being almost static, with almost all the elements up from the beginning. The drones and textures evolve and change through the arrangement while drums reach their peak point almost at the end. Great construction tool. The B-side offers a rework of 'Dissolution' by fellow producer Tensal. The well trained veteran makes his own vision of the track with his trademark style, always keeping the flow going, wisely playing with a few elements to create constant changes and twists in an intelligent techno exercise. 'Exceed By Delicacy' closes the EP, stereo panned synth lines, heavy subbass action and granular textures adding spice to the continuous feel. A solid four tracker aimed directly to the most transgressive dancefloors around.